1. Place the crisper plate into the basket. The crisper plate allows excess oil to drip down to the bottom of the basket.
    • Note
      • The crisper plate may not be used for all recipes, such as for muffins and breads.
      • Align the arrows on the crisper plate and basket bottom when inserting.
  2. Select a cooking function (see Cooking functions article).
    • Note:
      • Cooking functions are programmed with an ideal time and temperature for cooking certain foods. You can also set a custom time and temperature without choosing a function.
        • Press SHAKE to add/remove a shake reminder.
        • Press Preheat to add/remove Preheat.
  3. Optionally, customize the temperature and time, turn Preheat on/off, and add/remove a Shake Reminder.
    • Press TEMP/TIME to change temperature or time. The temperature or time will blink on the display.
    • Press the + or – buttons to change the temperature (170°–400°F / 75°–205°C) or time (1–60 minutes).
      • Note:
        • To rapidly increase or decrease time or temperature, press and hold the + or – buttons.
        • If you do not press TEMP/TIME, then pressing + or – will automatically change temperature.
  4. Press to begin air frying.
  5. When preheating is finished, add food to the basket when the air fryer displays.
  6. If the Shake Reminder is turned on, it will appear halfway through cooking time. The air fryer will beep 5 times, and ((SHAKE)) will blink on the display.                      See article on Shaking Food
    • Take the basket out of the air fryer, being careful of hot steam. The air fryer will pause cooking automatically, and the display will turn off until the basket is replaced.
    • Shake or flip the food.
    • Put the basket back into the air fryer.
  7. During cooking, press to turn on the cooking light and monitor cooking status of the food. The light will automatically turn off after 2 minutes.
  8. The air fryer will beep 3 times when finished. The display will show:
  9. Take the basket out of the air fryer, being careful of hot steam.
  10. Remove food from the basket.
    • CAUTION: The hot crisper plate may fall out when turning the basket over.
      • Make sure the basket is resting on a flat heat resistant surface.
      • Watch for hot oil or fat collected in the basket. To avoid splashing, drain oil before replacing the basket. [Figure 2.3].
  11. Allow to cool before cleaning.


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