Tray Positions

Three trays are included with your air fryer (the food tray, air fryer tray, and drip tray). The cooking functions require different trays, so make sure to use the correct tray. Follow the recipe instructions or the suggestions given in each function section.

Each cooking function has a recommended tray position with slots that you can slide a tray into (the food tray or air fryer tray). The standard recommended positions are indicated on the front of the air fryer.

Cooking with Greasy Foods

When cooking with oil or air frying greasy food such as beef, chicken, or pork, place the air fryer tray on the food tray (or insert the food tray underneath the air fryer tray) to prevent oil from dripping on the heating elements.

Rotisserie Basket

The rotisserie handle is used to place the rotisserie basket or fork set into the rotisserie slots in the air fryer oven. The handle is also used to remove the rotisserie basket and fork set after cooking
is finished.

  1. Press the wire latch to open the door on the side of the rotisserie basket.
  2. Place food inside the basket and close the door.
  3. Use the rotisserie handle to place the basket inside the air fryer oven, securing both ends of the rotisserie shaft into the rotisserie slots.

Rotisserie Fork

The rotisserie fork set is used for rotating roasts and is ideal for roasting a whole chicken. Do not cook more than 4 pounds at a time on the rotisserie fork set.

When cooking a rotisserie chicken, secure the legs and wings with butcher’s twine so they do not hang loosely as the chicken rotates.


13-Quart Air Fryer Oven

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