Light/Unit Button

  • Turns the interior light on/off.mceclip0.png will show on the display.
  • The interior light will turn on automatically when there is 1 minute left of cooking time. Press to turn the light back off.
  • Press and hold to switch temperature units between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Fan Button

  • Cycles through fan speeds: normal, high, and off.
  • The fan can be used for all cooking functions except Toast and Bagel. The fan is automatically set during Air Fry and Dehydrate.

Start/Cancel Button

  • Starts or cancels a cooking function.
  • If preheating, cancels preheating and starts the cooking function.
  • Blinks when the oven is preheating or has finished preheating. Press the button again to start the cooking function.
  • Lights up when the oven is heating.

Function Knob

  • Turn the knob to choose a cooking function. The selected function will blink on the display.

Time/Temp Knob

  • Turn the knob to change time/ temperature. Turn clockwise to increase, and counterclockwise to decrease.
  • Press the knob to switch between controlling time and temperature. By default, the knob will control time.
  • Time will adjust in increments of +/– 1, 5, 10, or 15 minutes (see chart).
  • Temperature will adjust in increments of +/– 5°F.
  • After a time or temperature setting is selected, the number will flash 5 times on the display before the setting is confirmed.
  • Display On/Off: Press and hold the knob until the display turns on/off.
  • Please see the chart below for how the tiem increases

Note: If the oven is inactive for 30 minutes, it will turn off automatically. Use any control to wake up the oven.

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