1. Remove all packaging around and inside the oven.
2. Place on a stable, level, heat-resistant surface, away from anything that can be damaged by heat.
3. Wash all accessories and clean the oven’s interior. Dry and place accessories back in oven.


Test Run

A test run will help you become familiar with your oven, make sure it’s working correctly, and clean it of possible residues.

1. Make sure there is no food or packaging in the oven and plug it in.
2. Press PREHEAT, then press a6a570ddad13c67a0e4283cea6b1057f2a511cc8e78a0df8c294559399e61291.png to begin heating.
3. The a6a570ddad13c67a0e4283cea6b1057f2a511cc8e78a0df8c294559399e61291.png button will light up, and the display will show the timer counting down.
4. The oven will stop heating and beep several times when finished.

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