1. Make sure all lid parts are installed in the lid. See Cleaning the Inner Pot, Lid, Lid Parts, and Steam Rack.

2. Add 1 cup / 250 mL of water and 1 cup / 250 mL of vinegar to the inner pot.
3. Select PRESSURE COOK and press the or + buttons to adjust the time to 5–10 minutes.
4. Press START to begin cooking. The pressure cooker will beep once, then start cooking.
5. When the cooking function ends, the pressure cooker will beep 10 times.
6. Push the steam release switch to ‘Vent’ to quick release the pressure.

7. Twist the lid counterclockwise and lift to open.
8. Use oven mitts to carefully remove the inner pot. Discard the water and vinegar mixture.
9. Allow the inner pot to cool, then dry using a soft towel.


Note: The float valve will drop to indicate when the pressure has been fully released.


6.0-Quart Pressure Cooker

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