Tray Liners

  • Fruit Roll Sheet
    • Use for making fruit rolls and strips from fresh, frozen, or canned fruit. You can also use this liner for pouring purée onto a tray.
    • This liner can also be placed on the bottom of the dehydrator to catch any dripping liquids, to make cleaning easier.
  • Mesh Screen
    • Use for foods that shrink when dried. This liner will prevent them from falling through tray grates.

1. Place a tray liner on a dehydrator tray. Place food on the liner.
2. Once the food is dehydrated, remove the tray and lift the tray liner out of the tray.
3. Remove food. Bending the screen is helpful for removing sticky foods.



To turn sounds on/off, wait for the display to show “--:--” and press and hold + for 5 seconds.


Other Tips

  • Fruit and vegetables dried in the food dehydrator will look different from those sold in stores. This is because homemade dried foods do not use preservatives, artificial coloring, or artificial additives.
  • Check out the Recipe Book for more tips on dehydrating foods.

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