1. Place the coffee warmer on a flat, level surface.
2. Connect the adapter to the DC port, then plug the adapter into an outlet. The coffee warmer will beep once and the display will light up for 3 seconds. will turn red.
3. Place a heat-safe cup with a liquid that weighs at least 10.4 oz / 295 g on the heating plate to activate the gravity induction switch (see next section). Then, tap .
4. Tap or to set a custom temperature from 77°–194°F / 25°–90°C.

5. Tap at any time to turn off the coffee warmer.


Note: The temperature on the display shows the temperature of the heating plate, not the temperature of the liquid in your cup. Set the display temperature higher than the temperature you want for your drink. If you remove your cup from the coffee warmer, the heating plate will hold its temperature for 10 minutes before turning off automatically.



Original Automatic Coffee Warmer

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