Where is my Cosori batch number? Where is my Cosori batch number?

Where is my Cosori batch number?

Dennis Vo Dennis Vo

Refer to the images below to find the batch number (BN) for your Cosori product. It will be highlighted in red, but the actual number on the sticker will be black. Please note the images below are just examples—the BN may be in a different location on your specific unit.

Not sure what model you have? You can check the cover of your user manual or the manufacturer’s sticker on the item itself. It will be located on the back or bottom of your product.

Select your product from the following list:


Air Fryers


Coffee Warmers/Coffee Grinders


Toaster Ovens

Indoor Grills




Air Fryers

CP158-AF | CP137-AF | CS158-AF | CP258-AF | CP237-AF | CO158-AF | CO137-AF | CO134-AF

Check the bottom of the air fryer to locate the batch number etched along the edge of the plastic border.



CP358-AF | CS358-AF

Check the bottom of the air fryer to locate the manufacturer’s label. The number in the upper right-hand corner is the batch number.



Check the bottom of the air fryer to locate the batch number.



Check the bottom of the air fryer to locate the batch number.01.00_AC1_Cosori_BatchNumber-AirFryers_CAF-LI401S.jpg

CAF-P583S | CAF-L501

Check the bottom of the air fryer to locate the batch number.01.00_AC1_Cosori_BatchNumber-AirFryers_CAF-P583S_CAF-L501.jpg



Check the bottom of the air fryer and its label to locate the batch number.01.00_AC1_Cosori_BatchNumber-AirFryers_CO134.jpg




Check the bottom of the dehydrator to locate the manufacturer’s label. The number following B/N in the bottom right-hand corner is the batch number. 





Check the back of the dehydrator to locate the manufacturer’s label. The number following B/N on the top right-hand side is the batch number. 




Coffee Warmers/Coffee Grinders

CO194-CW | CO294-CW

Check the bottom of the coffee warmer to locate the manufacturer’s label. The number on the bottom right-hand side is the batch number. 



CCG-U011 | CCG-U021

Check the base bottom of the coffee grinder and its label to locate the batch number.






Check the bottom of the kettle's base to locate the manufacturer's label. The number following B/N:CU is the batch number.


CO108-NK | CS108-NK

Check the bottom of the kettle’s base to locate the manufacturer’s label. The number following B/N:CU is the batch number.   





Check the bottom of the kettle’s base to locate a sticker with the letters B/N:CU followed by the batch number. 




CO171-GK | CO171-GK2

Check the bottom of the kettle’s base for a sticker with the letters B/N followed by the batch number. 





Check the bottom of the kettle’s base for the batch number sticker.





Check the bottom of the kettle’s base to locate the manufacturer’s label. The number on the bottom right-hand corner is the batch number.




Toaster Ovens

CS130-AO | CO130-AO

Check on the back of the toaster oven and look for the letters CU followed by the batch number on the bottom left corner. 





Check the back of the toaster oven to locate the manufacturer’s label. The number on the bottom right-hand corner is the batch number. 



Indoor Grills


Check the bottom of the indoor grill and its label to locate the batch number. 



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  • Kathy Coppedge

    There is no batch number in my coffee warmer. How can I register my product?

    Kathy Coppedge
  • Lee Davis

    There is no "batch number" for the COSORI Pour Over Coffee Maker with Double-layer Stainless Steel Filter, Coffee Dripper Brewer & Glass Coffee Pot, High Heat Resistant Decanter, 34 Ounce. No batch number on the unit, the box, or any of the included paperwork. So how can I register for the 2-year warranty as per the inclosed information?

    Lee Davis
  • Bonnie Spitzmiller

    Batch number.  CU001310223700212

    Bonnie Spitzmiller
  • Cindy Bebout

    There is no batch number for the Original Bread Maker. Model number BM201-CO series

    Cindy Bebout
  • Jean Bill


    Jean Bill
  • Lloyd Luallin

    B/N:  CU0013492241323521


    Lloyd Luallin
  • Brian Ronderos

    There is no Batch number on the bottom of my Cosori air fryer model CP158-AF. How can I obtain the batch number?

    Brian Ronderos
  • Q P

    I also cannot find the batch number on my black CP158-AF air fryer. I will also need it to process my recall request

    Q P
  • Stan Widener

    I have the model CP158-AF air fryer as well and do not have a batch number to complete registration.

    Stan Widener
  • robtravels2002

    I have the model CP158-AF air fryer as well and do not have a batch number to complete registration.

  • robtravels2002

    When I call the recall telephone number, they can't process our request without the batch number

  • Scott Boucher

    I have the same issue with my CP158-AF recall air fryer ... there is not a batch number ... purchased from Amazon.  Living in USA


    Scott Boucher
  • Celia Mendelsohn

    We do not have a batch number on our air fryer model CP-158AF purchased through Amazon. Please provide

    Celia Mendelsohn
  • Janice Speirs

    Same issue here with no batch number on a black CP158-AF air fryer purchased through Amazon and living in USA. Cannot register online for the recall without it and cannot get through on the 800 number. As I am not the only one with this issue, I’m hoping you will respond to our problem quickly.

    Janice Speirs
  • Dawn

    I have 4 of these air fryers. One of the B/N is valid but on the 2nd one when I type in the exact B/N on the bottom of the unit it says Invalid B/N, please double-check and try again. How can this be if I am typing in the exact number on the bottom of the unit? Anyone else.

  • Vikash Krishnaswamy

    No batch number on the Cosori Air Fryer Model CP137-AF, purchase Jan-2019 through Amazon. Where do I get this information from ?

    Vikash Krishnaswamy
  • Lucia

    Same issue there is no Batch number on the bottom of my Cosori air fryer model CP158-AF. 

    Order Placed: December 6, 2018
    Amazon.com order number: 112-9469475-8665025


  • AJ Henderson

    The recall form says that my b/n is invalid.  CP158-AF, Black, b/n 20062720993

    update 02mar2023 - i was able to complete the recall registration. it appears that the batch lookup has been fixed.

    AJ Henderson
  • Tim Story

    Same issue with the CP158-AF and no batch number.

    Tim Story
  • Scott Boucher

    The "No Batch Number" doesn;t seem to be an isolated case...I am among the group that cannot find a batch number...perhaps we should also make the Consumer Product Safety Commission aware of this issue and Cosori either being unable or unwilling to move forward with replacements unless there is a batch number.  


    Scott Boucher
  • Stan Widener

    Okay so apparently some versions of the CP158-AF air fryers had a simple white sticker on the bottom edge with black numbers which is the B/N. This sticker will fall off over time with regular use unfortunately. The newer units had the B/N laser etched or printed directly on the bottom. I had purchased two of these units, one for our home and one for my mom and dad. Theirs still had the white sticker as they hardly ever used theirs, but was not the case with ours. Cosori is going to have a difficult time dealing with this fiasco.

    Stan Widener
  • Scott Boucher

    I have an Air Fryer CP-158AF purchased from Amazon that has a white sticker with a number.  Friday Feb 24 I entered this as my batch number and it was rejected...today Sunday Feb 26 it was accepted.  Keep trying ... Cosori has a mess with these Batch Numbers

    Scott Boucher
  • Carla Taylor

    I have the batch number and I have uploaded all information. The form accepts it all. At the end however, I can not click on the "Submit" button. It is grayed out. Why??? 

    I tried calling the 1-888 number numerous (I'm in Canada) and it always says they can not take my call as "there are too many in the queue. Try calling later." I live on the Pacific coast. We are already 4 hours behind the alotted 8 to 5 Pacific time. This is nuts!


    Carla Taylor
  • Stan Widener

    If the submit button is grayed out, make sure your date format is correct mm/dd/yyyy. Be sure that there are two digits for the month and day.

    Stan Widener
  • Bjburkett

    I have the same model # - but also cannot find a B/N. I've emailed the customer service dept. but no answer so far. Also bought my air fryer on Amazon in 2018. They really need to get this straightened out asap!

  • Veronicazepeda747

    How frustrating!
    Unable to locate batch number for my Cosori Air Fryer CP158-AF. Company is unresponsive.